Pubblicato in Italia con in titolo È un problema. Un miliardario di origine greca è stato ucciso nella sua casa nelle campagne inglesi e sua nipote Sophia è convinta che ci sia qualcosa di misterioso nella sua morte, quindi chiede al suo amico Charles, figlio di un poliziotto, di investigare. Tutta la casa diventa un sospetto, perché sembra che tutti abbiano avuto una ragione per uccidere l’uomo. Un altro fantastico romanzo dalla regina del crimine.

Since my review last week of A Talent For Murder in which the Queen of Crime is for once the protagonist of a novel, I continued with my obsession for Agatha Christie and I read Crooked House, one of her few novels that doesn’t feature Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, or Tuppence.

Charles, just back from the East and son of the Assistant Commissioner of the Yard, is called by his girlfriend Sophia to investigate the death of her Greek grandfather, Aristide Leonides. Everyone in the family is a suspect, as Charles soon finds out, even his beloved Sophia.

Once again Agatha Christie did it and created a well-crafted novel that is a real character study. The characters are engaging and interesting and between parents, children, uncles, aunts, trophy wives, tutors, and servants you never know who to trust. As it usually happens with Agatha Christie’s novels, until it was revealed I couldn’t figure out who the killer was because it’s the less suspect character (hoping I am not giving too much away) and for the least imaginable reason.

The house makes the perfect grim setting for this thriller (which was also turned into a movie which starred Glenn CloseGillian AndersonChristina Hendricks, and Max Irons) and with the tension slowly building and an unexpected and satisfying ending, Crooked House is completely captivating and thrilling, because you can never go wrong with an Agatha Christie’s novel.