Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo La Coppia Perfetta. Jack e Grace sembrano essere la coppia perfetta: bellissima, affascinante, e di successo. Ma il matrimonio di Jack e Grace è tutt’altro che perfetto e dentro la loro splendida facciata si nasconde una orribile verità.

Jack is a handsome and successful lawyer. Everyone loves him, everyone thinks he is perfect. He and Grace met in Regent’s Park where he helped her sister Millie who has Down syndrome. Grace is quickly smitten with him and six months after their first meeting they are married. It is on their wedding night that Grace finds out the truth about Jack. He is no longer the charming man she fell in love with.

Jack follows Grace everywhere (including at the bathroom in the restaurant), he chooses her clothes, who she can talk to, and she has no phone, email address, or any money. Jack is not the loving husband everybody thinks he is, but he is a monster and Grace is his prisoner.

No matter how hard Grace tries, she is no able to run away from him. And every time she tries and fails she is punished. But what really worries Grace is that Jack real goal is Millie and Grace will do everything to stop him.

Let me start by saying that I LOVED THIS BOOK. This novel hooked me up from the first page. It is really captivating, the writing is excellent, and I read it in one day.

The author really gets into the darkest and most hidden corners of the human minds. The creation of Jack, who is pure evil, a psychopathic with capital letters, is very well-drawn and thought out.

The novel alternates between the past and the present, told from Grace point of view, and, as she narrates her story, I couldn’t put it down because it was so addictive. There are a few surprising twists but what I loved most was the shocking ending.
This is the perfect read for fans of Paula Hawkins, Clare Mackintosh, and Gillian Flynn.