Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Eve è una reporter che cattura l’attenzione di un serial killer che vuole usarla per promuovere i suoi omicidi. Ma il serial killer non è la sola preoccupazione di Eve che deve prendersi cura del padre malato e lottare per tenersi il suo lavoro.


Christmas is approaching, the snow is falling in London, and the atmosphere is magical. Until a serial killer goes on a killing spree. The murders don’t seem connected and they don’t have anything in common. The police hasn’t even made the connection between each murder until the killer becomes obsessed with Eve Singer.


Eve Singer is a crime reporter who, with her cameraman Joe, goes on crime scenes to try and capture the most gruesome views for her audience. Although she loves her job and she is good at it, she lives in constant fear of being replaced by a younger and blonder journalist. Things change when she becomes the center of the serial killer’s attention who wants to use her to show his “artistic” murders. Soon, Eve is chasing flyers around London, answering creepy calls in the middle of the night, and, above all, trying to stay alive.


If that wasn’t enough, her father’s dementia is getting worse and worse and she lives in constant fear, but at the same time even a little of hope, that he will suddenly die.


This is my first novel from Belinda Bauer and what attracted me first about this novel is the beautifully designed cover. Then I read the blurb which I found intriguing and after I read the first few pages I was completely hooked. The writing completely captivated me and kept me glued to the page and the story in itself is dark and gripping. The characters are well-drawn and mostly likable, and some of them are quite colorful (like Mr. Elias who spends his days cleaning the telephone box outside his house).


I liked the character of Eve. Her job takes most of her life and what is left is focused on taking care of her father. She has spent the last three years of her life following him around, making sure that he doesn’t hurt himself. She is overjoyed when he has a moment of lucidity and recognizes her but she is quickly crushed when that moment passes and he doesn’t know who she is and why she is calling him ‘dad’. The author perfectly describes her feelings as she is torn between wishing he’d die so she could be free and feeling guilty about it and knowing that losing him would destroy her. Also, the author does a really good job in balancing Eve’s professional life – keeping her job and hiding from/chasing a serial killer – and her personal life – her father’s dementia, the Christmas shopping, and her feelings for her cameraman Joe (yes, there is some romance, but very little) – so that there isn’t too much of one or the other.


I highly recommend both the novel and the author, especially if you are looking for a suspenseful, gripping novel.