Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Non era vero. Torna Clare Mackintosh con un’avvincente storia di una madre e una figlia, di segreti e bugie, una storia piena di mistero che vi terrà con il fiato sospeso.

I get excited every time Clare Mackintosh has a new book coming out. Let Me Lie is her third book and the protagonist is twenty-six-year-old Anna. She and her partner Mark just had a daughter, Ella, but her happiness at starting her own family is tainted by the fact that both her parents are not there. Her father jumped off a cliff and then, seven months later, her mother jumped to her death from the same cliff.

One year later, Ella is still grieving over her parents’ death, especially her mother to whom she was particularly close. Exactly on the first anniversary of her mother’s death, Ella receives her card that instill in her the doubt that her parents really killed themselves.

This novel is brilliant. You think you know what is going on, but then something happens that completely changes things. The suspense is always high and you never know what to expect.

My favorite character was Murray. He is a retired detective to whom Anna asks to investigate the death of her parents. He has a difficult situation at home so he still spends his days at the police station where he works at the reception. When Anna goes to him with her suspicions, he starts to investigate on his own, and I found him diligent, sweet, patient, and determined to find out the truth, even if it may risk his job.

If you loved Clare Mackintosh’s previous novels, I Let You Go and I See You, you are going to adore this gripping and original story.