Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Veleno Mortale. La scrittrice Harriet Vane è stata accusata di aver ucciso il suo amante, ma la giuria del processo non è in grado di raggiungere una decisione, così Lord Peter Wimsey decide di intervenire e provare che Harriet è innocente.

Harriet Vane is a writer of crime novels accused of the murder of her former lover. The process is straight-forward and everything points to her as being the murder, but, for some reason, the jury can’t agree on her guilt. Lord Peter Wimsey, younger brother of a Duke, started his sleuthing hobby after coming back from the war and he also doesn’t think she is guilty. So he starts investigating to prove her innocence and not only because he is attracted to her, but because he is sure she didn’t do it.

Although this is not the first Peter Wimsey’s book, Strong Poison is where Harriet Vane, Lord Peter’s love interest, makes her first appearance and she will make more appearances in the following books. Harriet is a strong and independent woman who refuses to be governed by men, something that didn’t happen often in the 1930s.


Peter Wimsey belongs to the aristocracy, he has a valet, and his circle of friends is made of wealthy and important people. He is a bit snobbish but in a funny and non-annoying way and he made me laugh many times throughout the whole novel. I especially loved how he repeatedly proposed to Harriet despite her continuous rejections.

Dorothy L. Sayers is not as much famous as Agatha Christie worldwide. I have a huge collection of Agatha Christie’s novels (although I keep discovering new books every day) and although I heard of Dorothy L. Sayers, I never read any of her books until I stumbled upon an old copy of Strong Poison in a second-hand bookstore and I bought it. I soon found out what I have been missing out.

Although Hercule Poirot’s still my favorite detective I really enjoyed meeting Lord Peter Wimsey. He is funny, unpredictable, and very sharp.

A cast of colorful characters, a seemingly unresolvable murder, and an intriguing plot, this is the perfect read for fans of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.