Questo romanzo non è ancora stato pubblicato in Italia, ma è il seguito di La quarta scimmia, di cui vi ho parlato la scorsa settimana. Mesi dopo gli eventi del primo libro, il detective Sam Porter sta ancora cercando il killer che lo ha tenuto occupato per anni, anche se l’FBI gli ha tolto il caso. E quando i corpi di alcune ragazze cominciano ad apparire, Sam deve capire se i due casi sono collegati.

A fabulous sequel to a fabulous first book. Following the events in The Fourth Monkey, we are still in Chicago where detective Sam Porter is still looking for the Fourth Monkey Killer, Anson Bishop. When the case is passed over to the FBI, Sam keeps investigating, but he is distracted by another case. Someone is kidnapping and killing young girls and leaves their bodies in public places. Everyone is convinced that 4MK is back, but Sam knows better. In the meantime, Anson Bishop contacts him because he wants his help in finding his mother.

This series is full of twists, the tension is always high, and the short chapters that usually end with cliffhangers made it difficult for me to put it down. The characters are well-crafted and complex with secrets from their past that are slowly revealed. Page after page, you never know what surprise to expect and the ending was completely shocking. If you are looking for a dark and gripping story, this is a novel and series that I highly recommend!