Cari amici di Matilde, questa settimana visitiamo la “Marcos’ Mansion”, ovvero una delle numerose grandiose proprietà del nostro defunto presidente filippino Ferdinand E. Marcos.  Nella grande villa, sono in mostra cimeli di famiglia, ricordi della sua carriera politica e dei suoi 20 anni di presidenza.

Nel museo e mausoleo situato nel cuore di Batac, il corpo di Marcos si trova indossando le sue medaglie militari, in una teca di vetro refrigerato. 

Una pagina di storia filippina, il mio Paese.

Marcos Mansion or Bahay Ti Ili was the birthplace and one of the properties owned by the late Philippine president Ferdinand E. Marcos. Located in the heart of Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. It is being maintained by the Marcos Family as a private museum displaying Marcos’ memorabilia. Just a few meters away from the mansion is the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum which houses Marcos’ remains. The great mansion showcases family memorabilia, especially mementos of Marcos’ military service during World War II, his political career, and his 20 years of presidency. There is a display of family photographs and portraits, some 33 life-sized statues of Marcos dressed in a variety of outfits, his car license plates from his years as a congressman, and letters that he wrote addressing the Filipinos during his exile in Hawaii. In the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum, the body of Marcos can be found wearing his military medals surrounded by artificial flowers in a refrigerated glass case.

The mansion also served as an office for Imee Marcos, who went to live in the mansion during her term as congresswoman of Batac, and for Bongbong Marcos when he became governor of Ilocos. The province of where the mansion located is famous for grand ancestral homes, especially those found in Vigan. The Marcoses are reputed to have patterned the design of this mansion after the gracious Spanish colonial houses of Vigan, down to the peeling plaster.

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