Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo La locanda dei ricordi d’estate. Quattro personaggi, ognuno con i loro segreti, ognuno con le loro verità e le loro bugie. Ma cosa succede quando queste vengono alla luce? Una coinvolgente storia d’amore, amicizia, e famiglia.

The novel is told from four different points of view. There is Mae, happily engaged with Peter, living in New York, with a good job and an amazing apartment. Until she finds out the truth about Peter and, when her world falls apart, she has no choice but to go back home. Then there is Gabe. He’s never got over his first and only love, Mae, but he hasn’t seen her in twenty years, since he left her and their hometown. But a call from home makes him go back. But will he stay? Lilly has always done what she thought it was best for her family, especially regarding her granddaughter Mae, but now as secrets and lies come to light, she starts to think that maybe she had been wrong. And finally, there is George. He’s been in love with Lilly his whole life, but when she reveals him a secret from her past, he is not sure if he can forgive her.

This novel is slow-paced, there are no twists, and nothing very exciting happens, but it’s still a captivating story. The characters are flawed, not always likable (at least at the beginning), but they feel very realistic. You root for all the characters to get their happy ending and I couldn’t stop reading it. A story about love, family, friendship, and loyalty, THINGS TO DO WHEN IT’S RAINING is entertaining and highly enjoyable.