Cari amici, oggi voglio parlarvi del mistero di Biringan City, la città invisibile. La città nascosta nella parte settentrionale della provincia filippina di Samar. Secondo la tradizione è il luogo dove vivono gli spiriti. Si dice, inoltre, che per entrare in questa città bisogna essere invitati dalle anime del regno.  Biringan è l’unica città incantata dove cercare le persone scomparse.

Biringan is a mythical city that is said to invisibly lie between Gandara, Tarangnan, and Pagsanghan in Samar province located in Visayas Region of the Philippines. Biringan means “The Black City” or The Invisible City in Waray, the local dialect, for “hanapan ng mga nawawala” – where one finds the lost.

Biringan City’s existence is still debated. Some seafarers claim they have spotted the city. According to their reports they saw a “dazzling city of light” on moonless nights, for a few minutes. Those who have seen Biringan City describe it as a beautiful city with high-rise buildings and other magnificent structures equipped with advanced technology. All witness reports are similar. Although we cannot offer solid evidence of the city’s existence, all accounts of those who claim to have sighted the mythical place share a similarity that cannot be easily dismissed.

Whether the Biringan City is really a portal to another realm is impossible to say. We do not even know if such portals exist on our planet, but it’s interesting to note that the mythical city is said to appear only during moonless nights, at certain times of the year.

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