Cari amici, anche il mio Paese sta vivendo un momento difficile, per la rapida diffusione del coronavirus. E’ per questo che sono stati dati al Presidente Duterte “poteri di emergenza” per gestire la crisi. Tutti a casa e tutto blindato. L’isola principale di Luzon è una rete di posti di bocco per garantire il fermo delle persone a casa. Questa paralisi del Paese avrà un forte impatto sull’economia. E intanto continua la richiesta di kit diagnostici per la popolazione. Un bacio alla mia meravigliosa famiglia!



The latest updates on the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Philippines have enhanced community quarantine of Metro Manila and the entire island of Luzon. Covid-19 cases in the Philippines rise to 636.  The Department of Health confirmed 84 new COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, bringing the national total to 636. The Health department also confirmed three more COVID-19 patients have died, bringing the total number of deceased in the country to 38.  Meanwhile, six patients have recovered, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 26.


The barangay checkpoints for quarantine, is now under the supervision of the Philippine National Police (PNP) announced by the Justice Undersecretary Mark Perete. He also said, that the PNP shall likewise orient barangay officials/officers on IATF [Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases] Guidelines.



The Home Quarantine Pass, is a pass that give to the familiy’s householder  who is resident in every barangay to pass at the Quarantine Checkpoint to buy their basic needs. If we want to help our Frontlines, Doctors, Nurses and our Government Agency who are helping to cure our fellow citizen with Coronavirus. Please stay at home for the safety of our love ones and others around us.