Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Eleanor Oliphant sta benissimo. Elinor Oliphant non è una persona tipica. Lei ama la sua routine e non ha famiglia o amici. Finché non incontra Raymond e Sammy. Loro riusciranno a portare Eleanor fuori dal suo guscio in questo divertente e coinvolgente romanzo.

I really loved this book. It’s funny, at times emotional, but really engrossing and sharp with an engaging and original protagonist.

Eleanor Oliphant is an accountant in a design company in Glasgow. She follows a routine that makes her feel comfortable, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes, and doing puzzles. She never goes out of her routine. She doesn’t have any friends and she barely socializes with her colleagues at work. Despite this, she is completely fine.

One day, she falls in love with the lead singer of a local band and she convinces herself that they are made for each other, so she starts talking to him on social media and recreates herself, buying new clothes, wearing make-up. and changing her hairstyle. Also she finds new friends. First Raymond, the IT guy at her company. He seems to like her but she tries to keep him at a distance. Then there is Sammy, a man who fell ill on the street, and that Eleanor and Raymond helped to get to the hospital. From now on, Eleanor finds herself spending more time with them and also with Raymond’s mother, no matter how hard she tries to keep them away. Their friendship and Eleanor’s desire to get rid of her fears and a troubled and dark past will help her to overcome her difficulties and to stand up for herself.

This is such a gripping and well-written novel. I couldn’t help but like Eleanor. She is weird and she lacks social skills, but she is also smart and funny, and generous. You will love her if you are a fun of The Rosie’s Project by Graeme Simsion or if you love The Big Bang Theory because Eleanor is a bit like a female Sheldon (or an Amy of the first episodes – by the way, yes, I am a big fan of The Big Bang Theory!!!). This is a must-read!