Amici del Blog, oggi a tempo di musica, voglio parlarvi di uno strumento a percussione: il Gangsa. E’ un antico strumento filippino, un gong di forma piatta, fatto di rame e ferro. Molto usato nelle Filippine settentrionali, questo strumento accompagna le danze tribali per invocare la protezione del cielo. Nelle mie orecchie risuona forte il “ gong” del Gangsa.


Filipinos are not new to music. We are a nation known for its singers and beautiful compositions that reflect our heritage. We have also a treasure trove of music instruments that shows our complex appreciation of music.   Here is one of the most popular Philippine instruments that are deeply rooted in the indigenous tradition.



The Gangsa is a type of metal gong that is played with the hands or the stick. Playing the gangsa is a vital part in gatherings like weddings, feasts and rituals among the indigenous peoples of Cordillera. The playing of the gangsa is often done in groups and accompanied by dancing.

Gangsa are mostly used in Cordillera province like Mountain Province, Kalinga and Apayao.

It’s more fun in the Philippines.