Cari amici, sapevate che nelle Filippine c’è un posto “relativamente fresco”, il più freddo del mio Paese? E’ la città di Lantan tra le montagne nella regione del Mindanao. Ricca di fauna e flora è anche la patria della piantagione di Corteccia di china che è un albero tropicale medicinale, fonte di chinino usato per combattere la malaria.

A lot of Filipinos will want to spend cold holidays during Christmas; and many will be travelling to the country’s coolest places to celebrate. Bukidnon province, strewn across a high plateau, is brimming with cool locales, including the provincial capital Malaybalay (“Little Baguio”) and Dahilayan, a foggy barangay transformed into a zipline resort.

Lantapan, a breakaway district of Malaybalay located on the Kitanglad mountain range, is the coldest of the cold. Lantapan is so cold that dew occasionally lingers until noon.

Lantapan, officially the Municipality of Lantapan. is a 1st class municipality in the province of Bukidnon, Philippines. The town is on a plateau in the heart of Bukidnon, situated between the Kalatungan and Kitanglad Mountain Ranges, after which its native name of “lantapan” was derived which means “level-on-top”. Typhoon-free and perched at 4,000 feet above sea level on fertile soil, Lantapan’s cool climate has made it one of the Philippines’ most prolific vegetable baskets.

Lantapan is well-known among mountaineers as the entry point to Dulang-Dulang, the country’s second highest peak after Mount Apo. If you are one on the lookout where to travel to enjoy a cold climate in the country, Lantapan is a list of go-to coolest places this holiday for you.