I personally chose the name Lillith,  which may sound scary and intimidating because of the history of this spooky demonic creature.

Her story is very empowering to me, representing the female strength and resilience.

That’s the energy I want to give to people when they see my looks. Makeup and beauty in general to me is a way to escape, while also proving to myself that I am capable of doing whatever I want, which often is turning myself in all kinds of characters.

I think this passion for making characters comes from my childhood love of reading, (which now, because of school, I dont have much time for, unfortunately).

I used to read for hours, because me and my family moved to a foreign country when I was a child.

Thinking of what the character lives were like and what their stories were beyond the book, itself made me feel so at home, and I guess that feeling, many years later, translated in creating my own characters with makeup.

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