Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Assassinio allo specchio. Il villaggio di St. Mary’s Mead è in fermento per l’arrivo di una star di Hollywood, ma quando una delle sue feste si trasforma in omicidio, Miss Jane Marple deve investigare.

The quiet of the English village of St Mary’s Mead is disrupted by the arrival of celebrities. Marina Gregg is a famous actress and she’s just bought Gossington Hall and she’s having a party. Everyone is excited about it, until someone turns up dead. Everyone in the village thought that Heather Badcock was silly, but no one expected her to get murdered by poison. Unless she wasn’t the intended victim? While the police investigate, Miss Jane Marple is also conducting her own investigation.

Jane Marple is now an octogenarian and, despite those around her who think that she shouldn’t be involved in murders, her mind is still sharp and sound and she knows everything that is going on around her village.

I have read many Agatha Christie’s novels (although I still have many to go) and yet she still manages to take me by surprise. Who is the killer? Was Heather Badcock the intended victim or was the poison meant for someone else? Let’s find out!