Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una commedia romantica impossibile da mettere giù.

I picked up The Love Hypothesis because everyone was raving about it on social media and I soon saw why. Addictive, gripping and hilarious, I couldn’t put it down and, weeks after I finished reading it, I am still thinking about it. By page 2 I was laughing, by page 10 I was obsessed with Olive and Adam, by page 20 Ali Hazelwood had become one of my auto-buy authors.

So, what’s The Love Hypothesis about? The protagonist is Olive, a grad student in Stanford who, in order to convince her best friend to go out with the guy she likes, convinces Doctor Adam Carlsen, the most disliked and feared professor by the students, to fake dating. Olive and Adam are completely different: she likes sugary super-caloric drinks and food, he eats healthy food. She is happy and optimistic, he is grumpy and dark. And yet, they more time they spend together, the more they fit perfectly.

If you have to read just one book this year, The Love Hypothesis is the book for you. The protagonists are amazing, relatable, authentic, and witty. The story is immersive and refreshing and the writing makes it impossible to put the book down. A MUST-READ!!!!