Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una fantastica storia della satira nell’Inghilterra georgiana attraverso le opere di tre grandi satiristi.

I mostly read novels, but, every once in a while, I pick up a non-fiction book, either a biography, mostly of authors I love, or a history book, as history was one of my favourite subjects at school. A few months ago, I started following Alice Loxton on Instragram, a history broadcaster and author, and I enjoyed her videos of historical places so much that I also bought her debut.

Uproar! is a well-researched, engaging, and entertaining history of satire in Georgian Britain. Its protagonists are three famous satirists of the time, Thomas Rowlandson, James Gillroy, and Isaac Cruikshank who, with their beautiful prints, show us society as it really was. The end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth was a time of big changes, politically, economically and socially. It was the time of the Regency, with a Prince who was much hated by his people, it was a time of wars, with the war with France and the rise of Napoleon, and it was a time of new inventions. Alice Loxton’s book perfectly shows us this time through the drawings of these three men.

Uproar! was a delightful read and I never wanted it to end. I highly recommend it for all historical lovers while I am already looking forward to the author’s next book.