Cari amici, oggi voglio parlarvi del fascino di Antipolo. Per molti è la vicina vacanza in montagna da Manila, mentre alcuni amano questo posto per i suoi resort, musei e luoghi di pellegrinaggio. Conservo dei ricordi bellissimi del posto dove sono stata tante volte con la mia bellissima famiglia che spero di rivedere presto. Un bacio alla mia Mamma Fe!

The capital of Rizal province, Antipolo City is one of the famous getaways from Manila. With its elevated topography, it’s a cool road trip destination for couples, literally and figuratively.

Who needs to fly for extra bucks when this neighboring town offers stunning natural landscapes as well? A refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of the metro, Antipolo also offers a panoramic view of the city that is beautiful both day and night.

From rustic garden cafes to cozy resorts, there are many things that couples can enjoy here that are budget-friendly. One of these is the cozy, Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa—a hidden gem in Antipolo.

Slow down – this is what guests will experience at Luljetta’s. Couples can get here the pampering and relaxation they deserve. A romantic destination, the place offers special packages for couples like spa treatments and fancy dinner for two. And that’s not all! With its location, couples can watch a mesmerizing sunset that will make them fall in love all over again.