Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Un thriller mozzafiato ambientato durante il lockdown del marzo 2020.
A gripping, suspenseful, slow-burning thriller set during the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. Set in Dublin, it’s the story of a boy and girl. They meet right before the lockdown, they like each other and, as the entire world goes into lockdown, they, almost strangers, decide to spend it together. It seems like the beginning of a fantastic rom-com full of romance and laugh, instead it’s a story full of secrets, lies, subterfuges that kept me on the edge of my seat.
The story is told in two timelines. In the present day, officers arrive in a residential building after a fire alarm goes off. However, they don’t find a fire, but a body decomposing in one of the apartments. Fifty-six days earlier, Oliver and Ciara met in a supermarket during their lunch break. They hit it off right away and when lockdown is set, Ciara moves into Oliver’s apartment so they can be together. However, each of them is keeping secrets from the other that, as they unravel, lead to a dead body. Whose body was found in the apartment? And are Ciara and Oliver really two strangers?
I love Catherine Ryan Howard’s novels. They are full of suspense, twists, and surprises that make it almost impossible to put the book down and this latest one is no exception. The characters are multi-layered and well-developed, while the addictive and intriguing plot is so well-written that I could see it like a movie in my head while I was reading. A must-read!