Cari amici voglio portarvi nel Tempio Taoista della città filippina di Cebu. L’atmosfera è unica. All’ingresso, dopo una lunga scalata, troverete leoni guardiani e draghi. Figure mistiche e protettive. L’ingresso è una replica della Grande Muraglia cinese, visto che il tempio è stato costruito dalla comunità cinese di Cebu. Siete  pronti per gli antichi rituail? Uno di questi è il lavaggio delle mani, andare a piedi nudi nella cappella e far cadere due blocchi di legno. Se questi rotolano entrambi rivolti verso l’alto, si può esprimere un desiderio, mentre l’aria profuma d’incenso. 

In a country that is largely Catholic, it comes as a welcome surprise that Cebu hosts one of the largest Taoist temples across the country.

The Cebu Taoist Temple or The Philippine Taoist Temple Inc. is situated inside Beverly Hills Subdivision, Cebu in the Philippines. The building of Cebu Taoist Temple commenced in 1972 by a group of Chinese. The main temple is elevated over 270 meters above the sea level and the highest area is about 300 meters above sea level.

Taoism is a popular religion in Cebu, thanks to its relatively high population of natives with Chinese roots. A visit to the Taoist Temple Cebu will give you a glimpse into the style of worship. On Wednesdays and Sundays, you will get to watch as the devout locals indulge in their ancient religious rituals, climbing up a flight of stairs to light their sticks. These rituals often culminate with fortune-reading by the resident monks, a key religious rite for Taoists. At the temple, you will also be able to see a deep cultural heritage of the natives, complete with dragon paintings, resplendent pagoda roofs as well as statues of Buddha.

The Cebu Taoist Temple is visited, not just by devout locals, but also locals affiliated to other religions as well as foreigners willing to experience the temple’s charm. The majestic structure stands out, and nothing will incline you to think that the temple is just 3 decades old keeping in mind its mint condition. Make sure to catch the marvelous vies of Cebu City and the Mactan Island in the background. The Cebu Taoist Temple is an unmistakable tourist attraction nestled in Beverly Hills where is also a home to some of the city’s wealthiest individuals.

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