Cari amici tutti conoscono la storia della “Spada nella roccia”, ma in pochi  sanno che esiste nel mio Paese una roccia a forma di spada. Espadang Bato è una formazione rocciosa appuntita che sembra proprio una lama. Vi propongo un’avventura di trekking incredibile. Un sentiero tortuoso che si arrampica verso quel cielo che abbraccia le montagne di Rizal!


Climbing Mt. Espadang Bato rock formation is definitely an experience for those who are seeking for a day of adventure and it is located in the province of Rodriguez Rizal. The mountain was called Espadang Bato because of the rock formation looks like a big sword (“sword” in Pilipino is “espada”). You can reach the summit in a short period of three hours. So, you have all the time to take a break while on a trek if you already feel tired and take all pictures you want during the hike. But before you proceed for your trekking adventure you have to stop at Barangay Mascap to register and pay for the environment fee. You will definitely enjoy the rolling terrain of this mountain because it has different beauties to offer in every hour of your trek. And it is quite difficult but very fulfilling as you reached the top of the mountain.

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Photo Credit: Judiecris Cuyos