Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. La fantastica biografia di due donne coraggiose e appassionate, madre e figlia che rivoluzionarono i diritti delle donne con le loro azioni e i loro libri.

Mary Wollstonecraft is known for her book A Vindication of the Rights of Women, while Mary Shelley is the famous author of Frankenstein. Both women were condemned by society for the scandalous lives they led, their unconventional love stories and having children out of wedlock, and for their need for independence. Mother and daughter both lived tumultuous lives, travelling around Europe, but always going back to England. While renowned (and often criticized) for her literary works, Mary Wollstonecraft’s personal life was tumultuous, but she seemed to settle down after her marriage to William Godwin. Unfortunately, she died a few days after giving birth to their daughter Mary. Raised by a father more interested in his literary works and a stepmother who didn’t like her, she met the impulsive and volatile Percy Shelley when she was only fifteen years old and she ran away with him. Isolated both by society and their family, they travelled around (often chased by creditors), never finding a place to call home. In 1816, while in Geneva with their friends Lord Byron she started writing what at the time was considered shocking, but it is one of the most famous novels in literature, Frankenstein.

All of this and many more is perfectly narrated in this immersive, well-detailed, and brilliantly-written book that, in alternate chapters, shows how these two women fought for the rights of women and wrote books that changed societes. It is engrossing, emotional, heart-breaking, and insightful and I couldn’t recommend it enough!