Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una storia da brividi di fratelli, sorelle, e vendetta!

I really love this author. This is only her second novel and I am already a fan. This is the story of a brother and sister who share a tragic childhood. When they were children, Ryan and Gina Mills lost their little sister Cassie. Their family was shattered by Cassie’s death and Gina left her family when she was a teenager. Years later, Ryan and Gina reconnect and now they are living together in the family home. However, Ryan’s guilt over Cassie’s death still haunts him and it’s intensified when he starts receiving strange notes. In the meantime, Gina’s desire to become a journalist is realized when she finds the body of a woman killed. Gina makes a series of choices that throw her not only in the middle of the investigation, but also of the media.

You never know what it’s really going on in this novel. The story is told from multiple points of views, but you don’t get the full story so you are taken by surprise over and over again, especially at the end with the final shocking revelation. The novel is very well-written, the tension is always high, and the characters are multi-layered and well-developed. If you are looking for a psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes, then The Other Sister is one I absolutely recommend.