Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Il quattordicesimo romanzo che vede protagonista l’archeologa forense Ruth Galloway investigare una serie di delitti all’inizio della pandemia.
This is one of my favorite crime series and every year I look forward to a new book. The protagonist is Ruth Galloway, a forensic anthropologist who teaches at the university of Norfolk and often gets involved in crime investigations by DCI Harry Nelson, the married father of her daughter (their relationship is more complicated than a murder investigation!).
This new book starts in February 2020 as the pandemic begins and Ruth (and the rest of the world) goes into lockdown. She not only has to deal with distance learning for both her daughter and her students, but also figure out the truth about her mother’s past, the status of her relationship with Nelson, and if her new neighbour is hiding something. In the meantime, Nelson faces a series of murders that started as apparent suicides while half of his team works from home.
The Locked Room can be easily read as a stand-alone if you haven’t read the previous novels in the series and it features the same incredible and engaging cast of characters that I have come to love. It perfectly describes the beginning of the pandemic when no one knew exactly was going on smartly mixed with mystery, twists, folklore, and a touch of supernatural!