Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Il secondo romanzo della serie La lega delle donne straordinarie perfetto per fan di Bridgerton.
The protagonist of this second novel in the A League of Extraordinary Women series is the leader of the women’s suffragist movement, Lady Lucie. To help spread the movement’s ideals, Lucie has just bought a publisher only to find out that the co-proprietor is no other that her long-time nemesis, Lord Tristan Ballantine, whose reputation is known all around London. While Lucie tries to find a way to take control of the company, Lord Ballantine is drawn to Lucie and challenges her like no other. Who will win?
This a fantastic addition to this series. We see the suffragist movement trying to find more supporters to their cause and we see the characters of Lucie and Tristan develop. I loved their easy and witty exchanges and I enjoyed how their story ended. What I love most about this series is that it is mostly set in one of my favourite places in the world, Oxford. It is beautifully described with insightful and interesting historical facts that makes it more attractive. A brilliant read!