Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Omicidio e comicità e una fantastica protagonista sono gli elementi principali di questo romanzo da non perdere.
I had so much fun reading this book. It is witty, fun, and I spent most of the time I was reading with tears in my eyes from laughing. The protagonist is Meddy. She comes from a Chinese-Indonesian family who moved to California. Her family is cursed: all the men in the family leave. In fact, she is the only one still living in the family home with her overprotective and interfering mother and three aunts and they all work together in the family company organizing weddings. And it’s to them that she turns when she accidentally kills the blind date her mother had organized for her. They need to get rid of the body, but they also have a wedding to attend, so in “Weekend at Bernie’s” style, they first hide the body in a cooler and then among the groomsmen. What could it go wrong, right?
There is laugh, lots of it, a wedding, some romance, and much more. So read it, read it, read it!