Cari amici oggi voglio farvi conoscere il Misibis Bay, resort  esclusivo sull’isola filippina di Cagraray. Un’ora di volo da Manila. E’ un vero paradiso tropicale dove si può fare windsurf sulle onde, passeggiare lungo sulla spiaggia sabbiosa, nella cornice di cime vulcaniche coniche. Puro relax tra palme e sentieri costellati di banani. Partiamo?  



Misibis Bay is a 5-hectare Island Resort located in Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay in Bicol Region Philippines. Misibis Bay is a place for those who are looking to balance tranquility and adventure. This tropical destination is a private Island resort where guests can either choose to relax under the palm tree or adventure in the sun. The resort is beautifully laid out, each pool is comfortably plotted that even where there are a lot of guests, one can still enjoy and relax. The beach for someone who cherishes the harmony of the water, wind and sky. The resorts also offer a world-class facility both for recreation and for relaxation. Lounge by the pool, pamper yourself with a Spa experience, or get active in the fitness and activity centers. 

Misibis Bay truly offers endless opportunities for your imagination. A magical place on its own.

Its more fun in the Philippines.