Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una giovane donna è pronta a fare tutto per il suo lavoro, anche pretendere di essere innamorata del suo nemico. Ma cosa succede quando la finzione diventa realtà?

Shay doesn’t love changes, but now her mother is getting remarried, her best friend may move away to another state, and, most importantly, she could lose the job she’s dedicated the last ten years of her life, unless, she pretends to have dated her colleague-and-enemy for a podcast on the radio about exes. Dominic had arrived at the radio just a few months back with his shiny PhD and his firm views on journalism and they can’t seem to get along. However, now they have to work together and, as they spend more and more time together, they start to become friends and their chemistry and their witty back-and-forth make the podcast a huge success.

Rachel Lynn Solomon is a fantastic author. I love her writing and she creates relatable and well-developed heroines that you can’t help but like. Shay is my favourite of her characters. The love for the radio comes from her father who died when she was a teenager and whose death marked her profoundly. She’s always dreamt to host a show on radio, but, for the last ten years she’s worked behind the scenes as a producer, often prioritizing her job over her personal life. When she has the chance to finally host her own show, she takes it, even if it means to deceive the public and to work with the enemy for whom she slowly starts developing feelings.

This is an enjoyable and immersive enemies-to-lovers novel with fake dating, a fantastic character development, and a swoony romance. Highly recommended!