Uno dei migliori romanzi che ho letto lo scorso anno, purtroppo non ancora pubblicato in Italia. La storia di una ragazza che torna al campo estivo per cercare di risolvere la sparizione di tre ragazze avvenuta quindici anni prima.

I spent all my life watching American TV series and movies and one of the things that always fascinated me about American lifestyle is summer camp. Children sent to spend a few weeks away during the summer, playing and spending time outdoor with other children. So when I found out that Riley Sager, an author I came to know last year with his first novel, Final Girls, had written a novel set in a summer camp I was intrigued. Add girls disappearing and an atmosphere out of a horror movie and you have a brilliant and captivating story.

When Emma Davis was thirteen years old she was sent to Camp Nightingale, an exclusive summer camp for girls. But when three girls disappeared in the middle of the night, the camp was closed. Fifteen years later, Emma is a renowned artist, but she still thinks about the girls who disappeared and were never found. When Camp Nightingale opens its doors again and Emma is asked to go back to teach art, she accepts hoping to find out what really happened all those years ago.

Secrets, lies, and guilt. A past that is back to haunt Emma. And an unreliable protagonist whose memories you can’t trust. Suspense, twists, and unexpected revelations. Mix it all and you have the dark, jaw-dropping novel that you won’t be able to put down.