Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Per non rovinare all’altro una serata speciale, Livia e Adam si nascondono segreti. Ma cosa succederà quando questi segreti verranno a galla?


They had been planning this night for months, for years and it’s finally here. The big party to celebrate Livia’s fortieth birthday. Everything is ready, the food, the music, the presents, and all their friends and family are coming, and yet Livia and Adam are not happy. Each is keeping a secret from the other, a secret that will destroy their magical evening and will turn their lives upside down, but they both think that the other deserves one last night of happiness before their world comes crumbling down so they keep their big secret inside. But what are they hiding?


A. Paris is a master when it comes to suspense. I was on the edge of my seat from the first page. Both Livia and Adam feel authentic and, even though I didn’t always agree with their choices, I felt sympathetic towards them. The story is intense and full of surprises, but it’s different from the author’s previous novels because it’s also heartbreaking and emotional. An absolute must-read!