Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo La sagra del delitto. Una festa e una caccia all’assassino. Ma cosa succede se l’omicidio diventa reale? Hercule Poirot investiga.

A fake murder hunt becomes very real during a village festival. Luckily, Hercule Poirot is there to investigate. Dead Man’s Folly sees the return of mystery author Ariadne Oliver who adds a bit of levity to the story. She’s been asked to organize a fake murder hunt for the festival being held at Lasse House, in Devon, by its owners, Sir and Lady Stubbs. However, Ariadne thinks that there is something strange going on and asks – or better, orders – Poirot to come and investigate. As the festival is in full swing and the murder hunt is under way, the two of them discover that the young woman playing the part of the victim is actually dead, murdered, and Lady Stubbs is missing.

As in all Agatha Christie’s novels, of course the inspector in charge of the investigation knows of Hercule Poirot and is delighted to leave it to him to solve the case. This is another intricate case with twists and turns, left and right. Sometimes a bit slow-paced, it still managed to take me by surprise. Another highly recommended novel!