Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Poirot si annoia. Una serie di furti in un ostello giovanile portano Poirot a sospettare qualcosa di più pericoloso.

A great detective as Hercule Poirot couldn’t have none other than a superefficient secretary, but lately she seems distracted and, at Poirot’s prodding, she confesses to be worried about her sister who, following the death of her husband, has taken a job as a warden at a student hostel where, lately, there have been cases of theft. Looking at the list of random stolen items, Poirot is both intrigued and worried, convinced that a greater danger is looming. And he’s proven right when one of the residents turns up dead.

I must admit that this is not my favorite Agatha Christie’s novel and I may have gotten a little distracted while I was reading, but it was still an enjoyable read. The author adds some diversity in the story with a cast of mixed characters and the mystery is fascinating and unpredictable!