Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Hercule Poirot indaga. Una collezione di storie piene di avventure e misteri per l’investigatore più famoso del mondo dalla penna della regina del crimine.

This is a collection of short stories in which the brilliant Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and his loyal – although sometimes clueless – friend Arthur Hastings investigate a few crimes. The first adventure involves threatening letters and priceless jewels. In another, a conversation between two friends turns into a case of international espionage.

When Poirot is in bed with the flu, Hastings must solve a murder case on his own. The death of three expeditors after the discovery of an Egyptian tomb leads Poirot to investigate the supernatural. And, even when they are on holiday, Poirot and Hastings are called to investigate the robbery of jewels. And then there is murder, blackmail, revenge, mysterious disappearances, and much more.

I really enjoyed these stories. Short, fast-paced, and gripping, I went through them in one day. The impossible becomes possible, the innocent becomes guilty, and not everyone is what they seem. Highly recommended!