Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Le porte di Damasco. L’ultimo caso di Tommy e Tuppence mentre investigano un messaggio nascosto in dei libri.

Postern of Fate is the fifth and last book in the Tommy and Tuppence series, and the last book written by Agatha Christie when she was already in her 80s, but not the last published. Tommy and Tuppence, now retired, have bought a new home. The house also comes with a collection of books in which Tuppence discovers a message that reveals that a woman hadn’t died of natural causes. Of course, this piques Tuppence’s curiosity who, together with Tommy, gets mixed up with German spies and murder as their lives are put in danger.

Postern of Fate is described as one of the less liked novels by Agatha Christie and it is not exciting as the previous ones, but I still enjoyed it and it’s fun to see Tommy and Tuppence still going strong and witty after so many years.