Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Addio Miss Marple. Una giovane ricorda di aver assistito ad un omicidio quando era bambina. Decisa a scoprire la verità, chiede l’aiuto di Miss Marple in quello che sarà il suo ultimo romanzo.

Newlywed Gwenda is looking for a house to buy for her and her husband in the South of England and she is quickly drawn to Hillside. While her husband is abroad, she starts to have strange images of wallpapers and hidden doors that turn out to be real, but more frightening of all is the image of a young woman strangled in that very house. Scared, Gwenda travels to London to visit her relative Raymond West and staying with him is none other than his favourite aunt, Miss Jane Marple. Talking to her, Gwenda realizes that the images are memories and she discovers that Hillside is the house where she briefly stayed when she was a child. But who is the murdered woman? And who killed her?

Sleeping Murder is considered the last book in the Miss Marple series. It was written in the 1940s, during World War II, but it was published in 1976, a few months after the death of Agatha Christie.

Sleeping Murder is, without any doubt, my favourite of the series. For the first time reading an Agatha Christie’s novel I figured out the killer before it was revealed, although not the motive.

I have now read all Miss Jane Marple novels and I enjoyed it immensely. They are gripping, unexpected, and full of twists and turns and with an incredible and unforgettable protagonist. Now, I am back to reading the investigations of Agatha Christie’s more famous detective, Hercule Poirot.