Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo L’ultima seduta spiritica. Un’incredibile collezione di storie del paranormale e del terrore, in tempo per la notte di Halloween.

The Last Séance is a gripping and chilling collection of short stories by the Queen of Crime, perfect for the spooky season.

In one story a séance goes horribly wrong, while in another a young woman dreams of her new husband’s death. When a car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a man seeks refuge in an isolated house, but there is something strange with the family living there. Another story narrates of a man who, all his life, had been warned of danger by a gypsy. And, of course, Agatha Christie’s two most famous characters are involved in investigations: Miss Marple manages to solve a murder during a dinner conversation, while Hercule Poirot travels to Egypt to investigate a mysterious curse, he’s called to investigate a predicted suicide, and investigates a cult.

This is truly a fantastic collection of stories of ghosts, visions, occult, and paranormal that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first to the last page!