Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Il misterioso signor Quin. Una collezione di storie che vede come protagonista Satterthwaite e il suo misterioso nuovo amico, il signor Quin.

This is a collection of twelve short stories featuring Mr. Satterthwaite, a man in his sixties with a passion for the arts. He is quite deductive and, as he often mentions in the stories, he is merely an observer of life. However, when he meets Harley Quin, he takes a more active role, and thanks to his questions and observation manages to solve crimes. As per the title of the collection, the character of Harley Quin is mysterious. It appears suddenly and disappears once his job is done. Where he goes and what he does no one knows.

I really enjoyed this unusual collection of stories. Intriguing and immersive, I enjoyed each of the twelve mysteries!