Non ancora pubblicato. Un thriller mozzafiato che vi lascerà con il fiato sospeso e vi prenderà completamente di sorpresa.
One of my favorite tropes in crime novels is the remote location with a snowstorm that cuts off the protagonists from the outside world. Alice Feeney chose the Scottish Highlands for her latest novel. The protagonists are Amelia and Adam Wright, a married couple traveling to this remote location to try and save their marriage… or divorce. Each is keeping secrets from the other, but that’s not even the worst thing, because as they are trapped in the middle of nowhere, someone outside is watching them and waiting to make their move.
The plot is twisty, chilling, and engrossing, while the characters are unlikable and selfish. The story is told from both the protagonists’ perspectives so that you get both sides of the story and I found myself siding first with one of them and then with the other. I couldn’t put it down and the author ended the story perfectly. Probably my favorite novel by this author!