Immaginate una foresta di alberi sempreverdi molto simili a dei pini che costeggia un’insenatura che abbraccia una spiaggia sabbiosa e vulcanica scaricata dal vicino vulcano.. Sto parlando della baia filippina di Anawangin lungo la costa di Zambales a San Antonio. E’ un posto bellissimo e incontaminato. Nessuna rete = più vita sociale reale nella natura!

If you’re someone who fancies white sand beach, quiet and relaxing ambiance, simple way of living, no Internet, just you and nature, then Anawangin will not disappoint you. This cove is not like any other.

Anawangin Cove in Zambales is a crescent-shaped wonder of nature with a fine white to greyish sand beach surrounded by Agoho trees, giving travelers a secluded island vibe. There are no hotels here. You can only sleep in the cove on a tent or by renting a cottage. There’s also no electricity and low signal—no distractions, only the sounds of nature caressing your ears—which many people love about it.

It’s easy to see why many travelers are head-over-heels for this cove. But before you go, let us take you through the Anawangin Cove history and learn what the Anawangin Cove description is and how its beauty was formed. Trust us, it will surprise you.