Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Un inaspettato incidente, un lungo viaggio in macchina, e una complicata e bellissima storia d’amore.

I can honestly say that The Road Trip is my favourite novel by Beth O’Leary, although her previous novels are very close by. It is beautiful, brilliantly-written, and he made me laugh and shed some tears (sometimes from laughter and sometimes from sadness).

It is the story of Addie and Dylan and their incredible love story. How they met, how they fell in love, and how, two years after breaking up, they find themselves crammed up in a car on their way to a wedding in Scotland.

I loved the characters of Addie and Dylan (and also Addie’s sister, Deb, is an amazing character, while Rodney, a travel companion, made me laugh the entire time) and I was completely addicted to their story. So, yes, The Road Trip is definitely my favourite novel by this author and I highly recommended it if you are looking for a romantic and heart-warming read.