Vi ho già parlato di Bohol che non è solo l’isola delle colline di cioccolato e popolata dai Tarsi ( i nostri piccoli antenati, antichi primati simili alle scimmie). Bohol è un paradiso naturale sotto un cielo azzurrissimo, punteggiato di grossi nuvoloni bianchi che sembrano un “mare di nuvole”.


The sea of clouds seen in Danao, found in the northern mountains of Bohol. It is a kind of a natural spetacular wonder and all worth of your travel if you got to see the sea of clouds.

There are buses that will take you directly to Danao from Tagbilaran city for 2 hours ride.

Check the weather forecast before going to Danao. Clouds were denser than the photos that are circulating around the social media.

Sea of clouds usually happen early in the morning. It is best to be at the peak before 6 am. Best time to check the place is during ‘ber months. During the summer, clouds are denser and not as thick.

To have the best chance of seeing thicker clouds, check the weather forecast for at least 3 days before your intended visit, to see if there’s a higher chance of having a pleasant weather.

It’s more fun in the Philippines.



Filmed by Efren Valentos from Manila.