Serie storica pubblicata in Italia che vede una cugina del re coinvolta in diversi omicidi. Divertente e coinvolgente, non potrete smettere di leggerla.

Her Royal Spyness Mysteries is one of my favourite series. Written by Rhys Bowen, it consists of 17 books (the 18th will come out in November) and so far I have read 8 books and I loved each one of them.

Set in England in the 1930s, as the country (and the world) is still recovering from both the first war and the economic depression, it features protagonist Lady Georgiana Rannoch, 35th in the line of succession to the throne of England (her father was the King’s cousin). Following her father losing all the family’s money, Georgiana is penniless and with no many prospects, except marrying a dull and boring Romanian prince or becoming lady-in-waiting of a distant cousin of the queen who lives in a remote estate in the country. Somehow, she often manages to stumble into a murder, or multiple ones, whether it’s in a remote Romanian castle, sunny Nice, a mansion in Hollywood, or an evocative English village, and to get involved in the investigation. Helping her is Darcy O’Mara, her dashing man with a secret government job who often takes him around the world.

I love this series because it’s both hilarious and full of mysteries and I enjoy how Georgiana often gets into the most absurd situations. She is clumsy, funny, and smart, and often the one to solve the murders. I can’t recommend this series enough, especially if, like me, you are a fan of historical mystery!