Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Chi ha rubato Annie Thorne?, il nuovo romanzo di C. J. Tudor, il cui romanzo d’esordio, L’uomo di gesso, è stato un grande successo, porta il lettore in un piccolo villaggio inglese dove il protagonista, Joe Thorne, torna dopo vent’anni per cercare di capire che cosa sia successo a sua sorella Annie che molti anni prima, era scomparsa per due giorni per poi riapparire completamente illesa, ma non era più la stessa Annie di prima. Che cosa era successo ad Annie durante questi due giorni?

In her second gripping novel, C. J. Tudor combines thriller with a bit of paranormal and horror. Joe Thorne is a teacher who moves back to his hometown, Arnhill, to take a job in the local school. Nothing strange about that, right? Actually, nothing is normal about Joe’s move back to Arnhill firstly because everyone who lives there can’t wait to leave the place, secondly, Joe’s had promised himself that he would have never gotten back there, and thirdly, the town people don’t exactly welcome him with open arms. But Joe is determined to figure out what happened to his sister Annie who, when she was eight years old, disappeared for two days. She came back, but nobody knows what happened to her and she was never the same.

The claustrophobic setting and the creepy atmosphere kept me on edge for the entire time. The story is twisty until the very last page, the characters are multi-layered, well-developed, and engaging. I really liked the character of Joe Thorne who, with his sarcasm and wit, made me laugh and got himself in quite some trouble.

If you love thrillers that give you goose bumps, C. J. Tudor is definitely a must-read!