Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. L’ultimo romanzo di Catherine Ryan Howard è l’agghiacciante racconto di una sopravvissuta e la sua ricerca del serial killer che ha sterminato la sua famiglia.

I have read quite a few novels by this author and I must say this last one is her best so far. I love the structure of the book-within-a-book, as the novel features many extracts from a real crime book called The Nothing Man, the story of a serial killer roaming among the streets of Cork two decades ago and never caught. The book has been written by the only survivor of the attacks, at the time a twelve-year-old girl. The best part of the book? That the killer is reading The Nothing Man as well. Now a guard in a shopping hall, Jim Doyle’s only special skill is that he was never caught. But now, reading the book written by the only survivor and witness of his crimes, he fears that he may be caught. Could his identity be revealed?

This novel is dark and twisty. It is intense and completely addictive. It is very well-written and, once you start reading, it’s hard to put it down. I think it is one of the best thrillers I have read this year and I highly recommend everyone reads it. It’s a must-read!