Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo The Soulmate Equation. Anima gemella cercasi. Jess sta cercando l’amore, ma potrà trovarlo attraverso un test del DNA?

Single mother Jess loves her life. She loves her seven-year-old daughter Juno, she loves her job as a freelance data and statistics expert that allows her to work from a coffee shop, and she loves her grandparents who raised her and now help her taking care of Juno. The only thing missing from her life is a man, someone she can rely on, especially during the difficult times. Her few attempts in the dating world haven’t been successful and her hope to ever find someone diminishes every day. River Pena is the handsome and grumpy man Jess and her best friend Fizzy see every morning at their local coffee shop who they have renamed Americano. When they find out that he is developing an app that finds your soulmate through genetics compatibility they decide to try it. Imagine Jess’s surprise when she finds out that she has 98% compatibility with River, the highest score so far. To help launch the app, she is asked to go on dates with River and do interviews. And the more time Jess spends with River, the more she realizes that he is not the stubborn and grumpy scientist she thought he’d be.

This is a fun and heart-warming read with a cast of lovable, engaging, and witty characters, lots of romance and hilarious scenes. I have read quite a few Christina Lauren’s novels so far and I have always enjoyed them. They are always well-written and entertaining and they keep you engrossed for quite a few hours. If you are looking for a light, fun, and romantic story, you can’t go wrong with them.