Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Un’altra fantastic avventura per l’archeologa forense Ruth Galloway che investiga la scoperta di antiche armi su una spiaggia di Norfolk.

The Ruth Galloway series is one of my favourite crime series. Now on its thirteenth book (book n. 14 is coming out in just a few months and I can’t wait), it features Dr. Ruth Galloway, forensic archeologist in Norfolk and consultant for the local police and DCI Harry Nelson.

On the crime side, there is always a murder to solve, and this time a body has been found on the beach of Norfolk. The body was discovered by the Night Hawks, a group of metal detectorists who look for treasure by night. Together with the body, a set of ancient weapons and a skull were found and that’s why DCI Nelson had to call Ruth on the scene.

On the personal and romantic side, Ruth and Nelson’s relationship is as complicated and entertaining as ever and I can’t get enough of these two. They also have to deal with their almost-teenage daughter, while Nelson is pressured into retiring.

Gripping, thrilling, and addictive as ever this is another exceptional addiction to this fantastic series.