Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Romanzo d’estate. Due scrittori che non si sopportano, una sfida da vincere, e una fantastica storia d’amore.

Emily Henry has quickly become one of my favorite authors and Beach Read goes head to head with Book Lovers as her best novel so far. The protagonists are two writers, Agustus Everett and January Andrews, whose only thing in common is the house next to each other and that they are both suffering from writer’s block. Augustus writes literary fiction, January writes romance with happy ever afters and after a few drinks they make a deal: they will write in each other’s genre and get a book out of it. But that means spending time together on research trips and interviews, meaning getting to know each other better and maybe falling in love?

I loved these two characters. They are both authentic and relatable and I loved their easy relationship, the witty and easy banter, the notes they write to each other. I was completely addicted to their story and I still think about it months after I read it. I couldn’t recommend this book – and this author – enough!