Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. La bellissima Tailandia fa da sfondo ad il nuovo thriller di Fiona Barton che vede come protagonista la giornalista Kate Waters mentre affronta un caso che la riguarda da vicino.

A gap year before college spent travelling around the world. First stop, Thailand. That’s Alex and Rosie’s plan. There shouldn’t be any problem. Until their parents no longer have contact with them. And with no other story making the headline, reporter Kate Waters thinks this will be the perfect story to write. Things get more complicated when Kate finds out that her son Jake is somehow involved with the girls’ disappearance.

This is the third book by Fiona Barton featuring reporter-turned-detective Kate Waters. In this novel, things get more personal for Kate because soon her son Jake becomes part of the story. The story is told from multiple points of views: Kate, Alex that narrates the events leading to her disappearance, DI Sparkes, an old friend of Kate, a detective who investigates the girls’ disappearance from England while also dealing with his own personal problems. And then there is Lesley. She is Alex’s mother and the author describes this mother’s pain and worry in such details that it’s almost painful.

The story is full of twists, until the very last page, and it’s thought-provoking and compelling. If you loved the author’s first two novels, The Widow and The Child, then you can’t miss her third brilliant novel.