I am going on holiday, so the first thing I am going to pack are the many (maybe way too many) books that I am going to take with me. The complete list is long and not yet finalized (I am a quick and mood reader so I need multiple choices), but there are five books I am definitely taking with me to read and enjoy on the beach:

1. Emily Henry: Beach Read – with that cover is the perfect read for the beach

2. Tessa Bailey: My Killer Vacation – with that title I don’t have any other choice but to read it on vacation (also I have been hearing great things about it

3. Agatha Christie: The Mystery of the Blue Train – to keep up with my Agatha Christie reread

4. Karin Slaughter: Girl, Forgotten – the latest novel from one of my favourite authors

5. Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice – I bought a new copy of my number 1 favourite book because my other copy is starting to lose pages (too many reread), so it’s the perfect time for another reread.