Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Il giardino segreto. Un classico per bambini ed adulti sull’amicizia e sulla famiglia e su un giardino segreto che rinasce sotto gli occhi stupiti di tre bambini.

“She could not help thinking about the garden which no one had been into for ten years. She wondered what it would look like and whether there were any flowers still alive in it.”

The Secret Garden was one of my favourite books when I was young. I loved the English country setting with the big house full of closed rooms, but my favourite part was the secret garden, closed by a door, with a key hidden no one knows where, and a young girl determined to find it.

I recently bought a new edition of the book, full of illustrations and activities, and I decided to read it again, and I loved it as well as the first time. I was excited to read again about Contrary Mary, Dickon and his animals, Colin and his tantrums, and grumpy Ben. This is a timeless classic for all ages that kept me engrossed for hours and I couldn’t put it down!